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Furniture for the changing room. Developed in co-operation with Sonesson Indretning and Maria Keinicke Davidsen / Centre for Sports and Architecture.

Møbler til omklædningsrummet. Udviklet i samarbejde med Sonesson Indretning og Maria Keinicke Davidsen / Center for Idræt og Arkitektur.

06 Playspots. Meldahls Smedie, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen.
06 Honey I'm home. Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen.

My Own Public Room
Bronze Chair Out of Focus Ditte Hammerstrøm Ditte Hammerstrøm Soft Structure Bunch of Boxes Leggy Cabinets Socialising Sofas Bistro Light Small Tall Stools Sofa Set Wrinkle Soft Shaker My Own Public Room Garden Corner Chair for the Person... Bench in Bits Third Draft Sunday Blanket Cocoons Det Åbne Smykkeskrin Side by Side Exhibitions Contact Wall Stools Odds and Ends